Deep Sea Fishing Expedition

  • Deep Sea Fishing is generally offshore for cod, haddock, pollock, wolf fish, halibut and cusk. These bottom dwellers are excellent table fare for our guests who desire to take fish home. We also catch and release as a conservation effort for those who are not interested in the fillets. Bottom fishing is truly an exciting sport as you never know what is on your hook until you spot your fish.

  • Inshore fishing trips typically for a 1/2 day and target species are generally striped bass and bluefish. When these fish are not available we target bottom fish that are closer to shore.


Sharks & Tuna & Bluefish, Oh My!

Hooking a giant bluefin tuna*, one of the most powerful fish in the ocean, (up to 1,000 pounds) is a never to be forgotten experience! 

Sharks in the gulf of Maine are roamers  - they will travel great distances in a day. They also have a very acute sense of smell.. Sharks can detect blood and fish oil in such small amounts as one part per million in the ocean!

At times the sharks will be drawn right up to the boat. This is when hooking up on a fly rod is possible. Bait and switch tactics are very effective.

As the shark comes into the chum slick a few pieces of cut bait are tossed over the side. After the bait has been eaten the fly is dropped in front of the shark.  All but a few sharks are tagged and released. 

Hooking a giant bluefin tuna*, one of the most powerful fish in the ocean, (up to 1,000 pounds) is also a never to be forgotten experience! 


  • For your fishing comfort, we limit the number of anglers based on the type of fishing being done.
  • Ultra-marathon and long distance trips can be arranged.
  • We practice catch & release with all species that are NOT going to be table fare for the angler.
  • Federal regulations state that recreationally caught fish cannot be sold.
  • Tuna caught belongs to the boat unless arrangements made prior to leaving dock. Limit of 1 giant tuna (over 73") per day when in season.


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